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Table 1 List of miRNAs found to be differentially deregulated under ToLCNDV (2A+2B) agroinfection in microarray analysis.

From: MicroRNA profiling of tomato leaf curl new delhi virus (tolcndv) infected tomato leaves indicates that deregulation of mir159/319 and mir172 might be linked with leaf curl disease

miRNA Fold (↑ or ↓) Target protein class Function References
miR160 ↓, 2X Auxin response factors Hormone signaling and plant development [50]
miR162 ↑, 2X Dicer-like (DCL) protein Plant development [39]
miR168 ↑, 2X ARGONAUTE (AGO) protein Plant development [40, 51]
miR169 ↓, 2X CBF HAP2-like factors Abiotic stress responses [52]
miR171 ↓, 2X Scarecrow- like (GRAS domain) TFs Flowering time [11]
miR172 ↑, ~4X APETALA-2 (AP2) like TFs Floral identity and phase transition [13, 17]
miR319 ↑, ~4X TCP, bHLH TF Leaf patterning [19]
miR391 ↓, 3X Not known Not known  
miR396 ↑, 2X GRL TFs, Rhodanase like proteins Defense responses [23]
miR397 ↑, 1.5X Laccases, b -6 tubulin Fungal infection [7, 23]
miR398 ↑, 3X Copper superoxide dismutases (CSD1/2) Abiotic stress [43]
miR408 ↑, 1.5X Plantacyanin Stress responses [23]
miR447 ↑, 2.5X 2-Phosphoglycerate kinase Metabolic pathway [7]