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Figure 1

From: Neutralizing and non-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus E protein derived from a naturally infected patient

Figure 1

Validation of the ConA ELISA. DENV E protein from serotypes 1-4 derived from DENV infected LLC-MK-2 cells was immobilized by ConA. Reactivity with patient serum and dengue negative human serum diluted in PBS/Tween as well as MMAbs 4G2 and 3H5 was measured by detection with HRP anti-human and anti-mouse IgG, respectively. MMAb 4G2 were tested at 5 ug/ml. Mouse MAb 3H5 was tested as undiluted culture fluid. Negative controls of uninfected LLC-MK-2 culture fluid and Vaccinia ADA were also tested.

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