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Table 2 Standard curve fits, R2 and specificity of the QPCR.

From: Use of a highly sensitive strand-specific quantitative PCR to identify abortive replication in the mouse model of respiratory syncytial virus disease

RNA strand Slope Reaction Efficiency (%) R2 Specificity (% non-specific strand detected)
Negative (genomic) Y = -3.44x+41.11 95 0.997 < 0.001
Positive (mRNA and RI) Y = -3.37x+41.06 98 0.997 < 0.001
  1. Specificity was assessed by spiking non strand-specific RNA standards into naïve mouse lung RNA. Detection of spiked non strand-specific RNA is expressed as a percentage of measured specific sense standards spiked to mouse lung. Reaction Efficiency defined as 10(-1/slope) - 1.