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Table 1 Identification of PVM isolates in potato samples*

From: Genomic variability in Potato virus M and the development of RT-PCR and RFLP procedures for the detection of this virus in seed potatoes

Isolates Potato Cultivar Origin Symptoms ELISAa Test 1/Test 2 PCR/RFLPb
CL1 Shepody OLF Mosaic +/+ +/+
CL2 RB OLF Mosaic +/+ +/+
CL3 GM OLF Mosaic +/+ +/+
CL4 A82705-1 UI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca5 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca99 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca102 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca128 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca414 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca508 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Ca513 Shepody PEI Mosaic +/+ +/+
Negative Shepody CL Healthy -/- -/-
NTC N/A N/A N/A -/- -/-
  1. *CL: Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) - Charlottetown Laboratory; OLF: CFIA - Ottawa Laboratory (Fellow Field); UI: University of Idaho (Idaho, USA); PEI: the province of Prince Edward Island; RB: Russet Burbank; GM: Green Mountain; NTC: no template control; N/A: not applicable; +: positive results; -: negative results.
  2. a. The results are shown as initial test of samples/confirmatory test of inoculated plants (positive threshold: 0.1).
  3. b. The results are shown as PCR amplification/RFLP confirmation using Msc I.