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Table 3 Amino acid residues that may play a role in the determination of virulence [19] when challenging rainbow trout.

From: Characterization of a VHS virus genotype III isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhychus mykiss) at a marine site on the west coast of Norway

  N P G L
Position 82 83 371 392 39 41 78 506 1012 1465
Amino acid G-E M-T R-L E-G P-T E-G L-F M-T I-F I-L
FA281107 E A K E T G F M F L
Other GIII - - - - - - - M/V - -
  1. The virulent strains are, Hededam and FR-14-58, are isolated from rainbow trout, while the avirulent strains, UK-96-43 and DK-M.rhabdo, are from herring and cod. Position = the position of the amino acid residues within the respective proteins. The first amino acid in each column was conserved among avirulent strains and the latter among virulent strains. The VHS virus isolate (FA28.11.09) from rainbow trout in Norway share 2 and 6 amino acids with the avirulent and virulent strains, respectively. No information is available about the N, P and L proteins sequences from other genotype III isolates.