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Table 5 Deduced HN protein amino acid sequence and C-terminus extension lengths of Malaysian NDV isolates.

From: Molecular characterization of partial fusion gene and C-terminus extension length of haemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of recently isolated Newcastle disease virus isolates in Malaysia

NDV isolate Deduced amino acid sequence C-terminus amino acid extension length** HN*** Accession No.
MB061/06 KDDGVREARSG* 6 577 GQ922495
MB043/06 KDNRA* 0 571 GQ922500
MB016/07 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922498
MB064/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922497
MB076/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922496
MB047/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922499
MB091/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922501
MB093/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922502
MB095/05 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922503
MB128/04 KDDRV* 0 571 GQ922504
MB085/05 KDDRLQEVRSGRLSQP* 11 581 GQ922505
  1. *Indicates the stop codon
  2. **No C-terminus amino acid extension length was detected in all the isolates except for MB061/06 and MB085/05 with 6 and 11 amino acid extension lengths, respectively.
  3. ***Predicted length of the HN protein in number of amino acids based on ORF analysis of the gene nucleotide sequence.