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Table 4 List of Newcastle disease virus isolates collected in Malaysia between 2004 and 2007 and their deduced amino acid sequence at the cleavage site.

From: Molecular characterization of partial fusion gene and C-terminus extension length of haemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of recently isolated Newcastle disease virus isolates in Malaysia

Isolate ɸ Date of collection (DD/MM/YY) F protein cleavage site* Accession No. (F gene) Origin
MB061/06 15/11/06 112GRQGR↓L117 GQ901891 Selangor
MB043/06 17/10/06 112RRRKR↓F117 GQ901896 Selangor
MB016/07 14/06/07 112RRQKR↓F117 GQ901894 Melaka
MB064/05 24/8/05 112RRQKR↓F117 GQ901893 Selangor
MB076/05 7/10/05 112RRQKR↓F117 GQ901892 Sabah
MB047/05 5/07/05 112RRQKR↓F117 GQ901895 Selangor
MB091/05 22/11/05 112RRRKR↓F117 GQ901897 Sabah
MB093/05 6/12/05 112RRRKR↓F117 GQ901898 Sabah
MB095/05 6/12/05 112RRRKR↓F117 GQ901899 Sabah
MB128/04 29/12/04 112RRRKR↓F117 GQ901900 Selangor
MB085/05 22/11/05 112RRQKR↓F117 GQ901901 Sabah
  1. ɸ All the isolates were isolated from chicken except for MB061/06 isolated from parrot.
  2. * Numbers indicate amino acid positions.