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Figure 1

From: Respiratory viral infections detected by multiplex PCR among pediatric patients with lower respiratory tract infections seen at an urban hospital in Delhi from 2005 to 2007

Figure 1

Standardization of two tube multiplex PCR for RSV, Influenza A&B viruses in first tube and PIV1–3 and hMPV in the second tube. Lane 1: Marker Ø X174 (Hae III digested). Lane 2: Amplicon forRSV showing band of 683 bp, Influenza A of 105 bp, Influenza B of 503 bp. Lane 3: Marker 100 bp ladder. Lane 4: Amplicon for PIV1 showing band of 84 bp, PIV2 of 197 bp, PIV3 of 266 bp, and hMPV of 440 bp.

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