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Table 3 P1: HAt/NA interactions in the yeast two-hybrid system

From: Identification and characterisation of a novel anti-viral peptide against avian influenza virus H9N2

DBD Vectorsa AD Vectorsa β-gal activityb
BD AD 0.05
BD-P1 AD 0.07
BD AD-HAt 0.05
BD AD-NA 0.03
P1:HA t /NA interactions   
BD-P1 AD-HAt 25
BD-P1 AD-NA 3.5
  1. apHyblex/Zeo and pYESTryp2 are vectors encoding the LexA DNA binding domain (BD) and B42 transcriptional activation domain (AD), respectively.
  2. bAverage β-gal activity (Miller Units) of 3 independent colonies for each co-transformation (The SD value is not shown as there was very little variation between repeated experiment).