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Figure 9

From: Identification and characterisation of a novel anti-viral peptide against avian influenza virus H9N2

Figure 9

Western blot analysis of immunoprecipitated HA t -P1 complex. In vitro translated NA protein or HAt protein was mixed with P1 peptide and the complex was co-immunoprecipitated using anti-AIV serum and the eluted complex was analysed by SDS-15% PAGE, electrotransferred to a nitrocellulose membrane and probed with anti-His monoclonal antibody (Novagen, USA). Lane 1: HAt and P1 complex; lane 2: NA and P1 complex; For control, in vitro translated NA or HAt mixed with control peptide SWGEYDM and detected using anti-His antibodies. Lane 3: HAt and Control peptide complex; Lane 4: NA and control peptide complex; Lane 5: in vitro translated P1 peptide (~12 kDa). The arrow indicates the precipitated P1 protein in the HAt-P1 complex and the in vitro translated P1 peptide.

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