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Figure 1

From: Identification and characterisation of a novel anti-viral peptide against avian influenza virus H9N2

Figure 1

Binding ability of all four recombinant phages to AIV H9N2. Briefly, viruses were coated in the microwell plate at two different concentrations (5 μg and 10 μg/ml; 200 μl) and were detected by two different concentrations of recombinant phage molecules (1012 pfu/ml and 1011 pfu/ml). Dotted bars represent the 5 μg of target whereas solid bars represent 10 μg of target. All the four types of recombinant phage particles could able to detect the target AIV. Wild type phage M13 was used as control (Data not shown to avoid complexity of the graph). A – ILGDKVG (5%), B – NDFRSKT (47%), C – LPYAAKH (23%), D – QHSTKWF (5%), Blue Square – 1011 pfu/ml, Grey Square-1012 pfu/ml

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