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Table 1 Summary Table of Percentage of Predicted Disorder in Each Chain of Influenza Hemagglutinins.

From: Protein intrinsic disorder and influenza virulence: the 1918 H1N1 and H5N1 viruses

Viral Subtype Accessions Strain Description %VLXT  
     HA1 HA2 (HA1)b
H1N1 1ruz A/South Carolina/1/18 Spanish Flu 1918 12 12  
  1ruy A/Swine//Iowa/15/30 Swine 1930 15 5 Ordered
  1rvx A/Puerto Rico/3/34 1934 11 6  
H3N2 1mqn A/Duck/Ukraine/63 Hong Kong Flu
25 19   More Disordered
H5N1 2fk0 A/Vietnam/1203/2004 Avian Flu 15 18 Ordered
  2ibx A/Vietnam/1119/2004   12 12 Ordered
  1jsn A/Duck/Singapore/3/97   15 19 Ordered
H9N2 1jsd A/Swine/HongKong/9/98 Swine 1998 15 20 Ordered
  1. The samples used are those elucidated using X-ray crystallography.
  2. aPercentage of residues that are predicted to be disordered by PONDR@VLXT in a given chain
  3. bQualitative description based on predicted disorder for HA1 Chain