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Figure 2

From: Protein intrinsic disorder and influenza virulence: the 1918 H1N1 and H5N1 viruses

Figure 2

PONDR@ VLXT and B-factor plots of the HA 2 . The blue curves represent the VLXT score, while the black ones represent the normalized B-factor. A) 1918 H1N1 HA2, 1ruz.pdb B)1930 H1N1 1ruy.pdb, C) 1934 H1N1, 1rvx.pdb D) H5N1, 2fk0.pdb E) H5N1, 2ibx.pdb F) H5N1, 1jsn.pdb G) H9N2, 1jsd.pdb, Swine H) H3N2, "Hong Kong Flu-1968 " Progenitor, Sample from 1963, 1mqn.pdb I) H7N3, Avian, H7N3, Italy, Avian, 1it8 [24, 22, 20].

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