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Figure 1

From: Protein intrinsic disorder and influenza virulence: the 1918 H1N1 and H5N1 viruses

Figure 1

Three-dimensional representation of the HA with predicted disorder annotation. The regions in red represent areas predicted to be disordered by VLXT. Conversely, the blue areas represent regions predicted to be ordered. A) 1918 H1N1 HA2, 1ruz.pdb B)1930 H1N1 1ruy.pdb, C) 1934 H1N1, 1rvx.pdb D) H5N1, 2fk0.pdb E) H5N1, 2ibx.pdb F) H5N1, 1jsn.pdb G) H9N2.pdb, Swine H) H3N2, "Hong Kong Flu-1968 " Progenitor, Sample from 1963 I) H7N3, Avian.

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