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Table 3 Expression of β-galactosidase in cells expressing UL82 homologs1

From: Properties of virion transactivator proteins encoded by primate cytomegaloviruses

Virus Protein expressed β-galactosidase activity
   U373 HFFF2
in 1310 YFPpp71 181 (20) 240 (21)
in 0150 YFPS82 400 (20) 450 (73)
in 0145 YFPB82 497 (0) 521 (117)
in 0144 YFPRh82 353 (15 382 (94)
in 0146 YFPCh82 210 (10) 243 (16)
in 1374 None 0 (13) 35 (2)
  1. 1. Monolayers of U373 cells or HFFF2 cells were infected with 1 pfu/cell (U373) or 5 pfu/cell (HFFF2) of in 1374-based recombinants that expressed YFP-tagged UL82 homologs and maintained at 38.5°C for 10 h. At this time, extracts were prepared and assayed for β-galactosidase activity. Extracts were subsequently analyzed for protein production, as shown in figure 2. Background values (from mock infected cultures) were subtracted. The data presented here and in figure 2 are from the same lysates of a single experiment, and are representative of three independent experiments. The β-galactosidase activity from mock infected cells was subtracted from all values. The value in brackets is the maximum deviation from the mean of duplicate (U373) or triplicate (HFFF2) determinations.