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Table 2 Stimulation of gene expression by pp71 and S821

From: Properties of virion transactivator proteins encoded by primate cytomegaloviruses

Cells Preinfection Stimulation of β-galactosidase expression2
   in 1382 in 1357 in 1383
HFFF2 in 1372 0.7 0.9 ND
HFFF2 in 1316 4.8 2.7 ND
HFFF2 in 1305 4.8 3.3 ND
Vero in 1372 0.6 ND ND
Vero in 1316 5.1 4.7 ND
Vero in 1305 3.7 4.0 ND
3T3 in 1316 12.6 7.3 5.6
3T3 in 1305 10.8 6.6 4.3
  1. 1. Monolayers were mock infected or infected with in 1372 (a control virus that expresses Cre recombinase), in 1316 (expresses pp71) or in 1305 (expresses S82) at moi 2, incubated at 38.5°C for 3 h, and infected with a second reporter virus (moi 0.5) that contained the lacZ coding region controled by the HCMV MIEP (in 1382), the SCMV MIEP (in 1357) or the HSV-1 ICP0 IE promoter (in 1383). After incubation for a further 5 h at 38.5°C, cell extracts were analysed for β-galactosidase activity.
  2. 2. The stimulation of β-galactosidase expression compared with the value for extracts of cells mock infected prior to infection with the reporter virus. Backgound activity from cells mock infected throughout was subtracted from all values. The means from at least two independent determinations are presented.