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Table 1 HSV-1 in 1312-based recombinants used in the study1

From: Properties of virion transactivator proteins encoded by primate cytomegaloviruses

Mutant Transgenes expressed2
in 1312 None
in 1374 HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 1316 YFPpp71 (TK)
in 1305 YFPS82 (TK)
in 1310 YFPpp71 (TK), HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 0150 YFPS82 (TK), HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 0144 YFPRh82 (TK), HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 0145 YFPB82 (TK), HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 0146 YFPCh82 (TK), HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in 1357 SCMV IE-lacZ (TK)
in 1382 HCMV IE-lacZ (TK)
in 1383 HSV ICP0-lacZ (TK)
in 1372 HCMV IE-Cre (TK)
  1. 1. The parental mutant, in 1312, has mutations that inactivate the transcriptional activities of HSV-1 proteins VP16, ICP0 and ICP4. The construction of the mutants is described in materials and methods.
  2. 2. The insertion site in the in 1312 genome is shown in brackets.