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Table 1 The 6 NCLDV families used for the NCVOG construction

From: Eukaryotic large nucleo-cytoplasmic DNA viruses: Clusters of orthologous genes and reconstruction of viral genome evolution

Virus family Host range Genome size range, kb Replication site
Phycodnaviridae Green algae; algal symbionts of paramecia and hydras 150-400 Nucleus and cytoplasm
Poxviridae Animals: insects, reptiles, birds, mammals 130-380 Cytoplasm
Asfarviridae Mammals 170 Cytoplasm
Asco- and Iridoviridae Invertebrates and non-mammalian vertebrates 100-220  
   Ascoviridae Insects, mainly, Noctuids 150-190 Nucleus and cytoplasm
   Iridoviridae Insects, cold-blooded vertebrates 100-220 Nucleus and cytoplasm
Mimiviridae Acanthamoeba 1,180 Cytoplasm
Marseillevirus Acanthamoeba 370 Nucleus and cytoplasm(?)