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Figure 2

From: Amphipathic DNA polymers exhibit antiviral activity against systemic Murine Cytomegalovirus infection

Figure 2

In vivo Activity of REP 9 against MCMV Replication in the Spleen and Liver. Virus titer levels of MCMV in spleen (a) and liver (b) and spleen weights (c) of mice treated with 10 mg/kg REP 9 once daily (QD - gray bars) or twice daily (BID - white bars). Five-week old mice (8 mice/group) were treated by daily i.p. administration of saline or REP 9 starting 2 days prior to i.p. inoculation with 1 × 105 pfu of MCMV (K181+) and continued to 3 days post infection. Data represents results from one typical experiment; Mean +/- standard deviation (n = 8). When observed, animals in each treatment group with no detectable MCMV titer are indicated as x negative/8 total below each bar. The limit of detection for the plaque assay is 10 pfu/ml of tissue homogenate. Virus titers depicted below the limit of detection indicate where samples were negative at the limit of detection but positive for virus in undiluted samples. P values are shown in figure.

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