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Table 1 Origins of hepatitis C virus strains from LANL database.

From: Evidence of recombination in Hepatitis C Virus populations infecting a hemophiliac patient

Strain Name Genotype Geographic location Accession number
HCV-A 1b Australia AJ000009
JT 1b Japan D11355
HCV-AD78 1b Germany AJ132996
HC-J4 1b Japan D00832
HCR6 1b Japan AY045702
HC-C2 1b China D10934
DQ071885 1b Taiwan DQ071885
HCU16362 1b Korea U16362
HCVT212 1b Japan AB049099
HEBEI 1b China L02836
H77C 1a United States AF011751
HCV-H 1a United States M67463
HC-J1 1a Japan D10749
1013_FU24 1a United States EU362876
7065 1a United States EF407455
H77 1a United State AF009606
FR5 2a France L38334
NDM59 2a Japan AF169005
JCH-6 2a Japan AB047645
HC-J7 2b Japan D10077
MD2B-1 2b Japan AF238486
TN9-0FL 2b United State DQ430815
HPCSTRUCTC 3a France L12355
NB125 3a India AY231596
HCVCENS1 3a Germany X76918
NB134 3b India AY231588
Th527 3b Thailand D37839
NE137 3b Nepal D16616
ED43 4a Egypt Y11604
HEMA51 4a Japan D45193
SA13 5a South Africa AF064490
EUH1480 5a United Kingdom Y13184
VN11 6a Vietnam L38339
EUHK2 6a China Y12083
6a73 6a China DQ480517