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Table 2 IC50 values calculated for pseudotyped Nipah (pNiV), Hendra (pHeV), VSV (pVSV), HPIV3 and Influenza viruses.

From: Antiviral activity of gliotoxin, gentian violet and brilliant green against Nipah and Hendra virus in vitro

  Brilliant Green Gentian Violet Gliotoxin
pNiV IC50 (nM) 42 61 100
pHeV IC50 (nM) 34 0.3 366
pVSV IC50 (nM) 15 268 232
HPIV3 IC50(nM) 248 860 527
Influenza IC50(nM) DNCa DNCa 13,786
  1. a DNC = non-linear regression curve did not converge, values are averages of at least 3 independent experiments.