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Table 4 The best fitting models and model-averaged results obtained by the GABranch analysis

From: Evidence of HIV-1 adaptation to host HLA alleles following chimp-to-human transmission

HLA allele Best fitting model: ω rate classes (number of branches)1 Model-averaged ω for HIV ancestral branch2 Model-averaged Prob(dN>dS)3 for HIV ancestral branch
A*0201 1.14 (33), 0.62 (46) 1.14 0.996
A*6801 1.15 (42), 0.60 (31), 0.23(6) 1.15 0.996
B*2705 0.52 (79) 0.52 0.06
  1. 1For each rate class, the value of ω is indicated followed by the number of branches (out of a total of 79) in brackets. 2The ω values are means over results from all the models. 3Prob (dN>dS) is the fraction of models that show support for dN>dS.