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Table 2 Summarized data of CDV strains used in this study.

From: The Asia 2 specific signal peptide region and other domains in fusion protein genes characterized Asia 1 and Asia 2 canine distemper viruses

Strain Country Organ H accession number F accession number Reference
007Lm Japan Lymph node AB212730 AB474397 [31]
55L Japan Lung AB295485 AB475099 Present study
66L Japan Lung AB295486 AB475100 Present study
009L Japan Lung AB252718 AB475101 [31]
M25CR Japan Cerebrum AB475097 AB475097 Present study
011C Japan Cerebellum AB252717 AB476401 [31]
50Con Japan Conjunctiva AB295483 AB476402 Present study
50Cbl Japan Cerebellum AB295481 AB476403 Present study
Ac96I Japan Intestine AB212963 AB512286 [10]
Th12 Thailand Brain AB475098 AB509344 Present study
50Sc Japan Spinal Cord AB295484 AB509345 Present study
81ND Japan Nasal discharge AB295487 AB509341 Present study
82Con Japan Conjunctiva AB295488 AB509342 Present study
83mLN Japan Mesenteric lymph node AB295489 AB509343 Present study