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Table 3 Distinct amino acid variations detected in the indicated domains of F protein in human metapneumovirus strains.

From: Genetic diversity and evolution of human metapneumovirus fusion protein over twenty years

Domain AA positions of domain Subgroup
   A1 A2 B1 B2
Signal peptide 1-22 K20Q   S21N S21N
F2 subunit 23-102   D72E (3)   
   E93V E96G   
Cleavage site 102-103 S101P (2)*   S101P  
Fusion peptide 103-125   T114A   A115T
Heptad repeat A 131-172   K172R   
F1 subunit 173-453   K179Q R179K (2)  
    S232P F196Y  
   I248F G239E   
   L249P (2) G261E   
    V271I D280G  
    C292G I285T  
   E294G (4) E294G (2)   
    K296R (3)   
    A314T   E323K
    I352V   N358K
    H368N R396W (2)  
    N404S (2)   
    T419I K438R  
Heptad repeat B 454-486    D475E (2)  
Transmembrane 490-514 I492T I492V I492V  
   I514T L507P   
Cytoplasmic tail 515-539 K519R P520Q P525L P520T
  1. * Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of distinct strains with the variation.