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Figure 2

From: Genetic diversity and evolution of human metapneumovirus fusion protein over twenty years

Figure 2

Maximum clade credibility tree of HMPV and AMPV F nucleotide diversity by tMRCA. Phylogenetic analysis of 85 full-length HMPV F nucleotide sequences from Canada (CAN), Japan (JPS or JPY), Tennessee (TN), or the Netherlands (NL) and 16 AMPV F sequences. The first two digits of the HMPV sequence names indicate the year of the isolate. The names of the AMPV sequences indicate geographic origin (US = United States; UK = United Kingdom; MN = Minnesota) and year. The posterior probability of divergence is indicated at each node. Mean TMRCA nodes on the MCC tree differ slightly from those reported in text, although all are contained with the same 95% HPD values. Scale bar represents time in years. Tree was constructed as described in Methods.

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