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Figure 1

From: Discovery of common marburgvirus protective epitopes in a BALB/c mouse model

Figure 1

MARV-specific splenocytes were stimulated with the following 15-mer peptides: VP44, NP144, NP150, NP157, GP2, GP3, GP19, GP21, GP84, GP132, GP133, and GP134. After stimulation, intracellular levels of IFNγ were measured in gated CD8+ T cells with high CD44 surface expression. Each of the 15-mers induced splenocytes, from previously MARV infected animals, to produce varying amounts of IFNγ. The negative control (irrelevant peptide, EBOV NP12), which was the same in Figure 1 and 2, did not stimulate MARV specific splenocytes to produce IFNγ and the positive control (PMA + ionomycin) did induced IFNγ production.

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