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Figure 3

From: The complete genomic sequence of an in vivo low replicating BLV strain

Figure 3

Deduced amino acid sequences of the various proteins of BLV Arg 41 compared to four other published BLV strains: BLV Arg 38, BLV GAGA, BLV A and BLV CG. The consensus sequences are shown at the bottom. A dash is shown in the consensus sequences in areas of nonagreement. The bullets show areas of homology with the consensus sequence, while the amino substitutions are as indicated and deleted amino acids are indicated by the dash symbol. The ends of the various proteins are indicated by the up arrow. Stop codons are indicated by asterisks. Only a portion of the BLV A Tax is shown, and the rest is indicated by the an wavy lines. In the Env proteins the N-linked glycosylation sites are shown in bold, while the neutralizing domains (ND), the transmembrane hydrophobic region (TMHR), and various immunostimulatory epitopes are as shown. In the GIV protein the two putative cellular protease cleavage sites are indicated by an inverted triangle and the amino acid myb-like motif (MYB) and the arginine-rich nucleus targeting RNA-binding region (ARNTRB) are shown.

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