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Figure 2

From: The complete genomic sequence of an in vivo low replicating BLV strain

Figure 2

Long terminal repeat nucleic acid sequences of BLV Arg 41 compared to 4 other BLV strains including BLV Arg 38, BLV GAGA, BLVA and BLVCG [17, 25, 26]The consenus sequence is shown at the bottom of the alignment. A bullet indicates homology with the consensus sequence, while the nucleic acid substitutions are as indicated. The U3, R, and U5 regions of the LTR are as indicated. The three enhancer (EN) regions, the CAT BOX and GATAA (PROMT) box promoters of RNA transcription, the polyadenylation site (PAS), the CAP site and the tRNA proline primer binding sites are as shown.

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