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Figure 3

From: Correlation between pre-treatment quasispecies complexity and treatment outcome in chronic HCV genotype 3a

Figure 3

Phylogenetic trees of all viral HVR1 amino acid sequences within each group of patients. (A) 2 representative individuals within the SVR group, SVR3 and SVR8. (B) 2 representative individuals within the TF group, 1 non-responder (NR2) and 1 relapser (R4). The phylogenetic trees were constructed with the NEIGHBOR program in the PHYLIP package based on Kimura's distance, shown as scale bar below each tree. A bootstrap analysis using 1000 bootstrap replicates was performed to assess the reliability of each branch point. Bootstrap scores are given as percentage value. The values greater than 60% are annotated at appropriate branches. Each dot represents an individual clone. Each colour corresponds to a different time point.

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