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Table 4 Summary of vectors and respective E. coli strains used to express recombinant LASV genes

From: Bacterial-based systems for expression and purification of recombinant Lassa virus proteins of immunological relevance

Recombinant Plasmid LASV Gene Expression System
pMAL-p2x:GP1 GP1 Rosetta 2(DE3)
pMAL-p2x:GP2 GP2 Rosetta 2(DE3)
pMAL-p2x:NP NP Rosetta 2(DE3)
pMAL-c2x:GP1 GP1 Rosetta gami 2
pMAL-c2x:GP2 GP2 Rosetta gami 2
pMAL-c2x:NP NP Rosetta 2(DE3)