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Table 1 N-terminal sequencing of LASV proteins expressed in E. Coli

From: Bacterial-based systems for expression and purification of recombinant Lassa virus proteins of immunological relevance

LASV Protein Protein Form N-terminal sequence
NP Full length – 55 kDa ISEF SASKEI
NP Truncated – 46 kDa ISEF SASKEI
GP2 Full length – 20 kDa ISEFGS GTFT
GP2 Truncated – 13 kDa ISEFGS GTFT
GP1 Full Length – 22 kDa ISEFGS TSLYK
  1. The N-terminus of each recombinant LASV protein cleaved with Factor Xa contains four extraneous amino acids for NP and six for GP1 and GP2 prior to the start of the arenaviral protein sequence. The extraneous amino acids are in italics and the arenaviral protein sequences are in bold.