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Figure 5

From: Bacterial-based systems for expression and purification of recombinant Lassa virus proteins of immunological relevance

Figure 5

ELISA of purified recombinant LASV proteins using LASV-specific human convalescent serum. ELISA was performed with 200 ng of purified E. coli-expressed (A) GP1 (GP1 bac), (B) GP2 (GP2 bac), and (C) NP (NP bac). Proteins were incubated with 1:100 (light gray) or 1:200 (dark gray) dilutions of human convalescent serum collected from patients suspected of having previously had Lassa fever or, as a negative control, normal human serum (NHS). Detection was performed with an HRP-conjugated goat α-human IgG antibody and TMB.

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