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Table 1 Interference with PVY transmission by Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transient expression of IRCPPVY.

From: Transient expression of homologous hairpin RNA interferes with PVY transmission by aphids

Agroinfiltrateda Experiments Totalb Percentage transmission
Empty vector 2 16/16 100
pIRCPPVY 2 0/16 0
pIR54KPMMoV 1 8/8 100
  1. a N. benthamiana leaves were agroinfiltrated with the indicated constructs, and used after 4 days post-agroinfiltration to feed viruliferous aphids (M. persicae).
  2. b Plant-to-plant transmission experiments were performed, using 10–15 aphids per plant. Pooled transmission rates are indicated as number of infected plants/number of test plants