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Table 4 GenBank accession numbers for strains used in phylogenetic analysis of APMV-1 isolates.

From: Orthomyxo-, paramyxo- and flavivirus infections in wild waterfowl in Finland

GenBank Designation Country of origin Host
AF003726 MC110/77 France Shelduck
AF003727 34/90 Ireland Chicken
AF091623 Fi/goosander/1997 Finland Goosander
AF109885 GB 1168/84 Great Britain Pigeon
AF438366 NZ132/76 New Zealand Mallard
AF438370 NZ1/97 New Zealand Mallard
AJ880277 It-227/82 Italy Pigeon
AY029299 APMV-6 Taiwan Duck
AY034794 Fin-69 Finland Willow grouse
AY034796 Fin-92 Finland Pigeon
AY034798 Fin-96b Finland Goosander
AY034799 Fin-96c Finland Pigeon
AY034800 Fin-96d Finland Pigeon
AY034801 Fin-97 Finland Mallard
AY741404 Herts/33 Great Britain Chicken
AY562991 Ulster/67 Ireland Chicken
AY626268 U.S./101250-2/2001 USA Chicken
AY965079 FarEast/2713/2001 Russian Federation Duck
AY972101 FarEast/3652/2002 Russian Federation Duck
D13977 APMV-2, Yucopa USA Chicken
DQ097393 DE-R49/99 Germany Duck
DQ439875 NDV05-018 China Chicken
M24692 D26-76 Japan Chicken
M24693 QueenslandV4/66 Australia Chicken
M24695 BI/47 USA Chicken
X04719 Beaudette/45 USA Chicken
Z12111 Warwic/66 Great Britain Chicken
EU493450* APMV-1/teal/Finland/12074/06 Finland Teal
EU493451* APMV-1/teal/Finland/12104/06 Finland Teal
EU493452* APMV-1/teal/Finland/12119/06 Finland Teal
EU493453* APMV-1/teal/Finland/12136/06 Finland Teal
EU493454* APMV-1/pochard/Finland/13193/06 Finland Common pochard
  1. * GenBank accession numbers for sequences from isolates obtained in this study