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Figure 2

From: Proteomics computational analyses suggest that baculovirus GP64 superfamily proteins are class III penetrenes

Figure 2

Similar linear arrangement of putative domain structures of THOV GP and AcMNPV GP64 compared to domain structures of VSV G and HSV-1 gB. Amino acids are numbered beginning after the putative signal sequences in VSV G, but at the beginning of the signal sequence of HSV-1 gB. Arrows indicate G and gB truncations of the forms used for crystallography. Solid lines represent cysteine bonding in VSV G and HSV-1 gB. Black boxes represent hydrophobic regions, with violet representing the transmembrane anchor (TM) [51]. Dashed lines represent potential cysteine bonding in THOV GP and AcMNPV GP64. Panel A: class III penetrene domain nomenclature and coloring as in Fig. 1. Panel B: domain nomenclature and color coding schemes used previously for VSV G [17] and for HSV-1 gB [19]. Hatched boxes in VSV G represent "hinge" aa not assigned to domains.

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