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Figure 2

From: A novel cloning strategy for isolating, genotyping and phenotyping genetic variants of geminiviruses

Figure 2

Biological properties of TYLCV-Mild-NotI and four mutant clones in tomato plants. Boxplots were obtained from 12 to 14 tomato plants per clone (A) Plant biomass 60 days after inoculation; (B), (C) and (D) Virus quantification normalised to actin2 [log of the ratio of the number of viral copies to that of actin2] 15, 25 and 35 days after inoculation, respectively. Each boxplot shows the median (horizontal line), first and third quartiles (lower and upper limits of boxes), and the minimum and maximum values (delimited by the external whiskers). *: Significant at p = 0.05; **: Significant at p = 0.01.

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