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Table 1 List of actual felids and hyanids and their FIV status

From: Could FIV zoonosis responsible of the breakdown of the pathocenosis which has reduced the European CCR5-Delta32 allele frequencies?

Feloidea: Felid lineages and Hyaenidae Species Animal Distribution (formerly widespread) FIV status (Western) FIV status (PCR) First-known taming dates
Wildcat Felis silvestris silvestris (Schreber 1777) European wildcat Europe, S.W. Asia + fr + N.D.
  F. s. lybica (Forster 1780) Northern African wildcat Africa, Middle East + fr N.D. <2000 B.C.
  F. s. ornata (Gray 1830) Asian wildcat W. and C. Asia + fr - <2000 B.C.
  F. bieti (Milne-Edwards 1892) Chinese steppe cat China N.D. N.D. N.D.
  F. chaus (Schreber 1777) Jungle cat S. and S.E. Asia, Middle East, Egypt +/- wb, cb - <2000 B.C.
  F. margarita (Loche 1858) Sand cat Africa, Arabia, S.W. Asia + fr - N.D.
  F. nigripes (Burchell 1824) Black-footed cat Africa +/- cb - N.D.
Leopard cat Prionailurus bengalensis (Kerr 1792) Leopard cat E. and S.E. Asia, India + wb + N.D.
  P. planiceps (Vigors and Horsfield 1827) Flat-headed cat Malatya, Sumatra, Borneo + fr N.D. N.D.
  P. rubiginosus (I. G S-H 1831) Rusty-spotted cat India, Sri Lanka - wb N.D. N.D.
  P. viverrinus (Bennett 1833) Fishing cat S.E. Asia, N.E. India + cb - N.D.
  Otocolobus manul(Pallas 1776) Pallas' cat C. and W. Asia + e, fr + <1000 A.D.
Puma Puma concolor(Linnaeus 1771) Puma N. and S. America + e, fr + fr <1500 A.D.
  Herpailurus yagouaroundi(E. G S-H 1803) Jaguarundi Mexico, C. and S. America + fr + fr <1000 A.D.
  Acinonyx jubatus(Schreber 1775) Cheetah Africa, Asia Minor, India, W. Asia + e, fr + fr <2000 B.C.
Lynx Lynx canadensis Kerr 1792 Canada lynx N. America - fr N.D. N.D.
  L. lynx (Linnaeus 1758) Eurasian lynx Europe and Asia - wb N.D. N.D.
  L. pardinus (Temminck 1827) Iberian lynx Spain and Portugal - fr - N.D.
  L. rufus(Schreber 1777) Bobcat N. America + e, fr + N.D.
Ocelot Leopardus pardalis(Linnaeus 1758) Ocelot C. and S. America, Mexico + fr + <1500 A.D.
  L. colocolo (Molina 1782) Pampas cat S. America + fr - N.D.
  L. geoffroyi (d'Orbigny and Gervais 1844) Geoffroy's cat S. America + e, fr - <1500 A.D.
  L. guigna (Molina 1782) Kodkod C. Chile, Andean Argentina - cb N.D. N.D.
  L. jacobita (Cornalia 1865) Andean mountain cat Parts of Andes N.D. N.D. N.D.
  L. tigrinus (Schreber 1775) Tigrina S. America + e, fr - N.D.
  L. wiedii (Schinz 1821) Margay C. and S. America + e, fr + <1500 A.D.
Caracal Caracal caracal (Schreber 1776) Caracal Africa, Middle East, S.W. Asia - wb, cb N.D. <1500 A.D.
  C. aurata (Temminck 1827) African golden cat Africa +/- wb, cb - N.D.
  Leptailurus serval (Schreber 1776) Serval Africa - fr N.D. <1500 A.D.
Bay cat Catopuma badia (Gray 1874) Bornean bay cat Borneo - cb N.D. N.D.
  C. temminckii (Vigors and Horsfield 1827) Asian golden cat Asia +/- wb, cb - N.D.
  Pardofelis marmorata (Martin 1837) Marbled cat S.E. Asia +/- wb, cb - N.D.
Panthera Panthera leo(Linnaeus 1758) Lion Africa + e, fr + <2000 B.C.
  P. leo (Linnaeus 1758) Lion S.W. Asia + cb + <2000 B.C.
  P. onca (Linnaeus 1758) Jaguar Mexico, C. and S. America + e, fr N.D. N.D.
  P. pardus(Linnaeus 1758) Leopard Africa + fr + <2000 B.C.
  P. pardus (Linnaeus 1758) Leopard Asia + cb N.D. <2000 B.C.
  P. tigris (Linnaeus 1758) Tiger India, E. and S.E. Asia + cb + ~200 B.C.
  P. uncia (Schreber 1758) Snow leopard C. Asia + wb + N.D.
  Neofelis nebulosa (Griffith 1821) Mainland clouded leopard S.E. Asia + cb - N.D.
  N. diardi (G. Cuvier 1823) Sunda Island clouded leopard Sumatra and Borneo N.D. N.D. N.D.
Hyaeninae Crocuta crocuta (Erxleben 1777) Spotted hyena Africa, S. of the Sahara + e, fr + fr N.D.
  Hyaena Hyaena (Linnaeus 1758) Striped hyena Africa but S. Africa, S.W. Asia + e, fr - <2000 B.C.
  H. brunnea (Thunberg 1820) Brown hyena S. Africa - N.D. N.D.
Protelinae Proteles cristatus (Sparrman 1783) aardwolf S. and E. Africa N.D. N.D. N.D.
  1. The data concerning taming dates and FIV status were inferred principally from the following references: [40, 45, 52, 65, 68, 105116] and [74, 82, 91, 98, 117] and references therein. Felid lineages are from Johnson et al. (2006) [81]. The names of the two sub-families of the Hyaenidae are in italic. In bold letters, species with their specific FIV strains. Abbreviations: concerning species, G S-H, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire; concerning the distribution, C., central; E., East; N., North; S., South; concerning the FIV status, +, positive; -, negative; +/-, indeterminate; cb, captive-born (generally zoo animals); e, endemic; fr, free ranging; N.D., not done; wb, wild-born zoo animal.