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Table 2 ESTs downregulated by infection

From: Inhibition of G1P3 expression found in the differential display study on respiratory syncytial virus infection

dbEST_Id Clone_Id GenBank_Accn. Homolog definition Description of the best hit/UniGene ID
16938337 SRA33 CB238828 Interferon-stimulated gene Interferon alpha-inducible protein (G1P3)
16938326 SRA22 CB238817 NADH NADH dehydrogenase 3 (MTND3)
No G2202 Unsubmitted Cyclin D2 Cyclin D2 (CCND2)
16938333 SRA29 CB238824 Elanogaster LD44720p
16938336 SRA32 CB238827 Hypothetical gene AK09149
16938334 SRA30 CB238825 CDNA Predicted cDNA
No G2-1 Unsubmitted CDNA FLB7715 PRO2051
16938332 SRA28 CB238823 ESTs contigs Unmatched
16938338 SRA34 CB238829 Unclassified No homolog
16938329 SRA25 CB238820 Unclassified No homolog
16938335 SRA31 CB238826 Unclassified No homolog
16938327 SRA23 CB238818 Unclassified No homolog
  1. Note.
  2. UniGene ID: Unique gene cluster ID
  3. IMAGE: The Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression
  4. ESTs contigs: Sequences were assembled from ESTs in silico
  5. Unclassified: cDNA cannot be matched to known genes in GenBank
  6. Unmatched: cDNA has no homologs in either GenBank or dbEST.