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Table 2 List of the H5N1 HPAIV isolates used in this study

From: Molecular characterization of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza viruses isolated in Sweden in 2006

Isolate name Species
A/tufted duck/Sweden/V526/06 Aythya fuligula
A/goosander/Sweden/V539/06 Mergus merganser
A/tufted duck/Sweden/V599/06 Aythya fuligula
A/eagle owl/Sweden/V618/06 Bubo bubo
A/smew/Sweden/V820/06 Mergus albellus
A/mute swan/Sweden/V827/06 Cygnus olor
A/mink/Sweden/V907/06 Mustela vison
A/canada goose/Sweden/V978/06 Branta canadensis
A/tufted duck/Sweden/V998/06 Aythya fuligula
A/tufted duck/Sweden/V1027/06 Aythya fuligula
A/herring gull/Sweden/V1116/06 Larus argentatus
A/eagle owl/Sweden/V1218/06 Bubo bubo
  1. For further details of the viruses see reference Zohari et al., 2008 [10].