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Figure 6

From: Dengue virus serotype infection specifies the activation of the unfolded protein response

Figure 6

Treatment with Salubrinal modulates Dengue viral replication. (A) A549 cells were pre-treated for one hour with indicated concentrations of Salubrinal and then infected with DENV2 virus at 10 m.o.i for 48 hours. Salubrinal remained for the rest of the infection. Supernatants were collected for plaque assays. Inhibition of virus growth in the presence of salubrinal is expressed as a percentage of that in cells without salubrinal. The values represent means +/- SD from three independent experiments. (B) A549 cells were infected with DENV2 at 10 m.o.i and Salubrinal was added with the indicated concentrations at the time of infection for 48 hours. Viral replication (virus) was scored by immunolabeling using an anti-E antibody. Cell number (cell) was measured by propidium iodide after fixation. Percentage of viral replication and cell numbers were calculated using no salubrinal as 100%.

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