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Table 3 HCV strains included in query and background datasets for sequence signature studiesa

From: Evolution of naturally occurring 5'non-coding region variants of Hepatitis C virus in human populations of the South American region

Datasetb Strains included
Query [EMBL:AM266927], URU1, URU2, URU4, URU6, URU8, URU9, URU14, [EMBL:AM269928], [EMBL:AM269929], [EMBL:AM269930], [EMBL:AM269931], [EMBL:AM269932], [EMBL:AM269933], [EMBL:AM269934], [EMBL:AM269935], [EMBL:AM269936], [EMBL:DQ077818], [EMBL:DQ313454].
Background1 URUG7B, [EMBL:M84855], [EMBL:M84856], URU11, [EMBL:AB154179], [EMBL:AY576553], [EMBL:AY576557], [EMBL:DQ319979], [EMBL:M84838], [EMBL:M84839], [EMBL:M84841], [EMBL:AF077232], [EMBL:AF077236], [EMBL:AJ291457], [EMBL:AJ438617], [EMBL:AJ438619], [EMBL:AF011751], [EMBL:DQ010313], [EMBL:L34386].
Background2 [EMBL:AY576557], [EMBL:AY576576], [EMBL:DQ319979], [EMBL:DQ313980], [EMBL:DQ319983], [EMBL:M84838], [EMBL:M84840], [EMBL:M84841], [EMBL:M84842], [EMBL:Z84279], [EMBL:Z84280], [EMBL:D31722], [EMBL:AB154177], [EMBL:AB154178], [EMBL:Z84284], [EMBL:AB154179], [EMBL:AB154180], [EMBL:D31723], [EMBL:D31724].
Background3 [EMBL:AF009606], [EMBL:AY446036], [EMBL:AY446039], [EMBL:AY446043], [EMBL:AY446044], [EMBL:AY446049], [EMBL:AY446050], [EMBL:AY446051], [EMBL:AY446052], [EMBL:AY446053], [EMBL:AY446067], [EMBL:AY446068], [EMBL:DQ061296], [EMBL:DQ061297], [EMBL:DQ061299], [EMBL:L34377], [EMBL:L34385], [EMBL:L34388], [EMBL:L34389].
  1. a Strains previously reported are indicated by accession number, strains reported in this work are indicated by name.
  2. b Background datasets 1, 2 and 3, correspond to strains isolated in South America, Europe or North America, respectively.