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Figure 5

From: Biochemical characterization of the fidelity of poliovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Figure 5

Simulation of Sym/Sub U with UTP. (A) Hypothesized mechanism used for simulation. E=Enzyme, R n =Template/Primer RNA, ER n =active complex. The nonvarying parameters were: ER n : 500 nM, NTPs: 750 or 1500 μM, k+1 : 10 μM-1 sec-1 and k off : 5 × 104 sec-1. In the simulation, which is based on the mechanism in [19]. k pol and k-1 (both in gray) were varied. (B) Data and simulated fit. Experimentally derived products formed with 750 (dark gray circles/blue) or 1500 μM (light gray circles/orange) UTP were plotted as a function of time (in seconds). Simulated fits (curves) were superimposed with same color scheme.

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