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Figure 2

From: Biochemical characterization of the fidelity of poliovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Figure 2

Single turnover analysis (rapid quench) of UTP (correct) incorporation into SSA. (A) Product yield as a function of time for three concentrations of UTP. A series of single turnover, rapid quench reactions were performed and analyzed described in Methods. Product concentration of resulting 11 mer (in nM) as a function of time in seconds is shown for 75 (circles), 150 (squares) and 500 (triangles) μM UTP. Other reagents' concentrations were: 3Dpol: 1 μM, Sym/Sub A: 1 μM (= 0.5 μM duplex). Data from each UTP concentration were fit to a single exponential. Amplitudes and observed reaction rates are given in Table 1. (B) Observed reaction rates as a function of UTP concentration. Data were fit to a hyperbola. K d and k pol are given in Table 1.

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