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Figure 1

From: Genome sequence analysis of La Crosse virus and in vitro and in vivo phenotypes

Figure 1

Alignment of 3' non-coding region of S, M, and L genome segments (cDNA presented). S segment 3' NCR shows highly conserved sequence with no nucleotide changes from the consensus. For each segment the consensus sequence consists of three or more sequences sharing the same nucleotide at a given position and areas with no clear consensus are indicated with an "N". A single nucleotide change was reported in the LACV/mosquito/1977 published sequence at position 9 of the M segment. For the 3' NCR of the L segment, 2 changes from the consensus were observed in LACV/mosquito/1978 with position 31 having no clear consensus. Underlined sequence indicates region conserved among all three segments. Putative host-specific nucleotide sequences are indicated with an arrow (↓).

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