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Figure 3

From: Transplacental murine cytomegalovirus infection in the brain of SCID mice

Figure 3

Effects of congenital MCMV infection on cerebral IL-1α and IL-1RII transcription. Densitometric analyses of (A) IL-1α and (B) IL-1RII mRNA expression in the brain. Pregnant SCID mice were injected at E4 with USGS or 103 PFU of MCMV and the fetuses collected at stage E18. MCMV DNA-positive fetuses were divided into three nPCR subgroups: fetuses that did not amplify MCMV DNA in either the viscera or brain (brain-/viscera-); fetuses with MCMV DNA amplified in the viscera but not the brain (brain-/viscera+); and fetuses with MCMV DNA amplified in the brain and viscera (brain+/viscera+). Autoradiographs were scanned using GelPro 3.0 software to generate maximum optical density (MOD) values, and IL-1α and IL-1RII transcript levels were normalized [(mRNA transcript)/mL32] for comparisons between autoradiographs. Statistical significance of USGS vs. MCMV nPCR subgroup comparisons: ** p < 0.01, Mann-Whitney U tests.

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