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Table 4 Integrin-binding sequence motifs in astrovirus capsid proteins

From: Different rates of (non-)synonymous mutations in astrovirus genes; correlation with gene function

Integrin-binding sequence motifs in Astroviral capsid proteins
CorePeptide IntegrinType CorePeptide IntegrinType CorePeptide IntegrinType
RGD α5,8,vβ1 LDV α4β1 NGR RGD-like
  αvβ 3,5,6,8     low affinity
AstroVirus location AstroVirus location AstroVirus location
H1 VP25 H1 VP34 H1 VP34
Mink VP34 H3 VP34 H2 VP34
Sheep VP34 H4 VP34 H3 VP34
   H5 VP34 H4 VP34
   H6 VP34 H5 VP34
   H7 VP34 H6 VP34
   H8 VP34 H7 VP34
   Feline VP34 H8 VP34 & VP25
   Sheep VP34 Feline VP34
   Turkey2 VP25 Pig VP34
     Turkey2 VP25
  1. Sequence motifs (in boldface) are mentioned with the specified subtypes of integrin. The presence of the RDG consensus sequence in human astrovirus serotype 1 was revealed by means of PROSITE. Other putative sequence motifs were traced by text-editing and as yet, experimental support is absent.