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Figure 1

From: Aggregates of bacteriophage 0305φ8-36 seed future growth

Figure 1

In-plaque aggregation/dissociation of bacteriophage 0305φ8-36. A 0.1% agarose overlay was mixed with host cells, poured over a 1.5% agar gel and gelled in a Petri plate, as described in the text. Four plaques were initiated by stabbing and the Petri plate was incubated for 32 hr. at room temperature (25 ± 3°C). Light scattering was photographed. The white dashed lines indicate opaque zone segments that are near the edge of a mostly clear plaque. The black dashed line indicates a semi-clear ring segment. The arrowhead indicates an opaque spot. The arrow indicates a comparatively turbid region between clear plaque and semi-clear ring.

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