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Table 3 Primer sequences used for HBV genotyping by nested PCR (position, specificity, and polarity). An "M " represents a nucleotide that could be either an A or a C; a "Y" represents a nucleotide that could be either a C or a T. nt, nucleotide.

From: The association of complex liver disorders with HBV genotypes prevalent in Pakistan

  Primers Sequence Gene/CDS Product
Step-one PCR P1b universal, sense) 5'-TCA CCA TAT TCT TGG GAA CAA GA-3' nt2823-2845, 1065 bp
  S1-2 universal, antisense) 5'-CGA ACC ACT GAA CAA ATG GC-3' nt685-704,  
Step-two PCR B2 sense 5'-GGC TCM AGT TCM GGA ACA GT-3' nt67-86, types A specific, to E  
Mix A BAIR antisense 5'-CTC GCG GAG ATT GAC GAG ATG T-3' nt113-134, type A specific, 68 bp
  BBIR antisense 5'-CAG GTT GGT GAG TGA CTG GAG A-3' nt324-345, type B specific, 122 bp
  BCIR antisense) 5'-GGT CCT AGG AAT CCT GAT GTT G-3' nt165-186, type C specific, 281 bp