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Table 1 Patient demographics, possible source and risk factor of transmission and CDC disease classification.

From: Role of HIV-1 subtype C envelope V3 to V5 regions in viral entry, coreceptor utilization and replication efficiency in primary T-lymphocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages

Patient Code Chimeras Number Age/Sex Possible source Risk factor CDC classification
AP.17 171, 173 27/M Africa/Germany Promiscuous heterosexual IV-C, D
AP.18 182, 183 14/M Punjab (India) Blood transfusion IV-E
AP.2 221A 20/M Dubai/Punjab Promiscuous heterosexual II
AP.28 282, 284 28/M Kolkata (India) Truck driver IV
AP.33 331, 334 26/M Punjab Hemophiliac I
AP.4 452, 454 25/M Mumbai (India) Promiscuous heterosexual IV-C
AP.5 512, 514 23/F Africa/Germany Spouse with AIDS II
AP.6 639 27/M Punjab Promiscuous heterosexual II
AP.10 1011, 1014 25/M Mumbai Blood transfusion IV-C
  1. CDC-Center for Disease Control and Prevention