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Table 2 Gag and Gag-Pol are differentially cleaved at maturation

From: Imperfect DNA mirror repeats in the gag gene of HIV-1 (HXB2) identify key functional domains and coincide with protein structural elements in each of the mature proteins

Gag stage 1 MA-CA-p2\1/NC-p1-p6
Gag-Pol stage 1 MA-CA-p2\1/NC-GagTF-pol
Gag stage 2 MA\2/CA-p2\1/NC-p1\2/p6
Gag-Pol stage 2 MA\2/CA-p2\1/NC\2/GagTF-Pol
Gag stage 3 MA\2/CA\3/p2\1/NC\3/p1\2/p6
Gag-Pol stage 3 MA\2/CA\3/p2\1/NC\2/PR\3/RT\3/RNase\3/IN
  1. GagTF-Pol results from a frame shift at the end of NC. In Gag, p1 is not cleaved from NC until stage 3. GagTF is cleaved from NC at stage 2 [3-7].